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Drilling The West Since 1957

ABOUT Enviro-Drill

Founded in 1957, Enviro-Drill pioneered drilling services for professional consultants in the Southwest. As codes and other requirements developed and were enforced, the demand for drilling services grew – and so did our company.

Today, we continue to expand our geographic and service areas in response to ever-increasing needs of our Clients and for the growth of our personnel.

Our mission

To provide clientele with cost - effective solutions that satisfy design or compliance requirements of society's infrastructure, environmental and development policies.

Our History

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Our first drill rig was purchased in November of 1957, a PennDrill, trailer mounted to a 3/4–to International Harvester pickup truck and driven cross country from Pennsylvania back to its new home in Phoenix, Arizona where jobs were waiting to be drilled. Before the drill rig, many tests holes were dug by hand or with a backhoe! The PennDrill served us well as we grew and added to our fleet of drill rigs. Our service has now grown to encompass all four-corner states of the southwest, AZ, UT, CO & NM.

Drilling Insurance Coverage

Insurance maintained by Enviro - Drill includes general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and motor vehicle insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence, both with a $5,000,000 umbrella and statutory workers compensation insurance.

Drilling Licenses

Arizona ROC License No. 087780

Arizona Department of Water Resources,
License No. 533

Nevada Division of Water Resources,
Driller License No. M-2397

Nevada ROC License No. 0058037

New Mexico State Corporation Commission,
License No. 1567916

New Mexico, Well Driller, License No. WD-1186

Texas Certificate of Authority, License No. 915512-6

Texas Water Well Driller, License No. 58335M

Utah Well Driller, License No. 618