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 and experience
Since 1955, Enviro-Drill has provided drilling services for thousands of projects and specializes in procedures and techniques required for successful project completion. Our trained personnel have extensive experience in meeting and overcoming the challenges imposed by the most difficult site conditions.

Samples of our projects:

Environmental Drilling Projects

Los Alamos Sample Boring Project Enviro-Drill specializes in environmental projects from small to large. One of the more interesting projects was drilled at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Borings at a 45-degree angle to depths to 250 feet with continuous sampling were completed. Large diameter (10-inch) casings were set in the overburden above the volcanic tuff and grouted in. The borings were then continued with hollow stem auger. Enviro-Drill was selected based on capabilities and proven ability to comply with stringent Los Alamos National Laboratory site specific safety requirements for hazards ranging from radiation to all aspects of field hazards and laboratory contingencies. This project lasted approximately six months, and was successful in overcoming obstacles to obtain all the needed data.

Environmental Projects

Vapor Extraction Wells:  Project at Camp Navajo Military munitions facility required the installation of 4-inch monitor vapor extraction wells. Required use of our 10-inch ODEX system. The use of an Unexploded Ordinance Officer was required for safe movement of equipment and personnel on site. Tough weather conditions were an issue.

Probe Installation:  Drilled for installation of peroxide and ozone points. This was only the second time these probes were installed in Nevada and was the deepest installation to date with depths of more than 30 feet.

Test Borings:  On contaminated site, drilled numerous test borings using ODEX and Core methods. Rock was encountered at shallow depths, which required Enviro-Drill to "spot core" for Clients' samples.