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 and capabilities
Back end of drilling rig

Environmental Drilling:

At Enviro-Drill, we pride ourselves on protecting the environment. Each job is performed by drilling professionals with an environmental respect that our Clients expect and deserve.

  • Monitoring Wells
  • Cluster Wells
  • Landfill Sampling Probes
  • Soil-Gas Sampling Probes
  • Air Sparge
  • Vapor Extraction Wells
  • Well Sampling
  • Well Abandonment
  • Peroxide / Ozone Injection Points
  • Cathodic Protection Wells

CME-75HT Drilling Rig
Environmental Drilling


 and support vehicles
Enviro-Drill's fleet of CME, Mobile, and Simco drilling rigs and support equipment cover the entire range of capabilities necessary for geotechnical and environmental investigations. The entire fleet is well maintained for safety and reliability.